Bill Elliot
William J. Elliott | Administration

A serial entrepreneur, this is Bill’s 43rd business venture. He is the company’s largest individual shareholder and primary financial backer. With over 30 years business experience, Bill has served as President, CEO, Chairman, and Director of several of the companies funded by the Small Business Incubator, Investors America and Investors Management and Finance. He is currently Chairman of Boland Technology a specialty LED lighting company, and serves on the Board of CUBE Technology a firm specializing in miniature personal power generation and government research projects. Bill holds degrees from Indiana University, and is a frequent speaker on finance, venture funding, start-ups, and business asset allocations.

Daniel S. Marshall
Daniel S. Marshall | Ph.D.

Dan’s engineering career spans over 25 years and includes experience in new product development with transition to manufacturing. As a senior scientist at Motorola’s Advanced Research Lab, he developed an in depth knowledge of semiconductor materials. He is ideally suited for creating the technical strategy and guiding the development of the LipoLucent technical team. Dan is the author of 20 issued US patents, and over 20 peer reviewed publications. Dr. Marshall is a Stanford University educated engineer, earning a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (1996 – with emphasis in entrepreneurial coursework taught by Stanford School of Business professors), Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University (1991).

Bob Engle
Robert E. Engle | R & D

Bob is a fantastic design engineer who has made form follow function in the design of the LipoLucent Control Console and Diode Panels. Senior Engineer and leader of the LipoLucent design and engineering team, he insures that each unit delivered surpasses our high technical standards, and supervises the manufacturing engineering staff. With over 20 years of engineering experience at NXP, Intel, Honeywell and more, Bob has become expert in listening to consumer suggestions, and making product enhancements that get results.

Spencer Elliot
Spencer W. Elliott | Customer Support

As Director of Strategic Planning-North America, Spencer brings a unique business perspective to LipoLucent. A principal in Your Secret Agents, a virtual assistant company, Spencer is now concentrating his efforts on marketing and quality control systems at LipoLucent. A classically trained economist, Spencer is a member of the American Statistical Association, and a member of the prestigious Leader’s Academy in the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. Nationally recognized lecturer and trainer, he has been invited to speak on business funding, and personal wealth strategies, nationwide.